How Our Systems Work

Overview of running a VDK-1200

Our systems do not require expertise in robotic programming to be successfully deployed in a jewelry manufacturing environment.

  • Choose a ring style or define one in the database
  • Determine polishing parameters based on your existing technology: a) how often to apply rouge? b) how far along the shank does the ring need to be polished? c) is there a part not needing polish? d) is optional lap polishing needed? etc.
  • Enter these parameters into the database. The system will automatically detect the ring size.
  • Place the ring on the 120-ring tray where each nest may hold a different style ring.
  • Enter ring tray-location into the machine’s memory.
  • Close doors and start system. Robotic arms will work through the entire tray of rings. Processed rings can be set back on the tray or on a clients wash rack.
  • Remove finished tray (or wash rack). Refill consumables.
  • Repeat!

Comprehensive ring database

System allows the user to store ring styles using an optional bar-code reader or a vision system. Styles are stored along with processing parameters and their pictures.

We offer flexible solutions to meet your needs

Naturally there are options available to add flexibility and additional convenience to these systems.  Please see the product pages and comparisons charts for details.

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