Automation Benefits

Manual Polishing

Automated Polishing

Based on a typical jewelry manufacturing process our systems enable the following operations.

❖ Sprue removal
Satin finishing
Vision based quality control
Final buff
Steam cleaning
Machine tending (washers, engravers)
Mold refurbishing

What styles of jewelry can you process?

From plain wedding bands to intricate rings with stones and intricate designs, a FRE system can be configured to process various types of jewelry. Those include: pendants, studs, bracelets, and earrings.

Benefits for every sized company

Whether you are a large corporation or a small regional business with a vision to take advantage of cutting edge manufacturing technology, you will benefit from robotic jewelry processing.

FRE has robotic jewelry processing systems to cover your needs while providing automated material removal operations for almost unlimited style ranges of parts such as rings, pendants, studs, bracelets, and broaches. Our systems are capable of implementing customer’s technologies for materials ranging across sterling silver, yellow and white gold, platinum, stainless steel, Lustrium, titanium, cobalt and tungsten.

Increase throughput and quality

By optimizing cycle time and increasing first-time quality (85 to 99%), a FRE solution can increase productivity, efficiency, and improve output from the first hour of implementation.

Cumulative throughput (With quality)

This graph shows how manual throughput drops when quality is used as a production criteria.
Robotic performance remains constant due to consistent quality output

Other benefits

Perfect job for automation
Better throughput and production
Better overall quality
Less scrap
More flexibility
No breaks, lunches, illness
Consistent use of consumables
Eliminates artisan hiring and training
Eliminate repetitive motion injuries (Carpal Tunnel, etc.)